Definition for Diction: Types, and Application in a Sentence

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Definition for diction is a proper selection of words that sounds harmonious to express some ideas in order to get a particular expected effect. In other words, diction is writing or speaking style determined by the selection of words by a writer or speaker. Both in writing and speaking, diction is important to learn. In writing, it can be used to distinguish the quality of writing, whether it is good or bad. Furthermore, types of diction are important factors to consider for improving the quality of writing.

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Once you understand the definition for diction, you also need to know that how the diction determines the quality of writing depends on several factors include accurate words, appropriate to the context, and easy-to-understand words. Generally, an appropriate diction is a crucial aspect to get the point of the text. An Inappropriate choice of words will divert the readers or listeners. It results in misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the point or message. Therefore, applying a correct diction in a sentence is an important key to “deliver” the message.

Definition for Diction, Types, and Application

Definition for diction clearly mentions what actually diction is. Further, there are several types of diction include formal, informal, standard, and connotations. Formal diction tends to be used in an elegant situation where you speak in front of highly educated listeners or audiences. This diction is also known as elevated language, which is suitable to use in formal situations and scenarios.

Formal diction is usually used in formal gatherings, business presentations, and scholarly journals. One of the characteristics of formal diction is that the words are figurative and abstract. Using formal diction in a sentence is sometimes as hard as setting a concept for scientific journal.

Informal diction is one of types of diction which is commonly used in daily speaking or writing. It is correct in grammatical but more suitable for any informal settings such as conversation with your family and friends. In writing, you can use this diction in personal document or letters with entertaining or casual tone. Slang and colloquial dictions are types of informal dictions.

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When it comes to standard diction, it is closer to informal diction but with a little differences. You can use this diction when you are in semi-formal setting such as doing public speaking in front of well-educated audience for college presentation or teaching college student. One of example of using this diction in a sentence is “This helps to improve soft skill, organize what you want to achieve and focus on the main goals”.

Connotations are the dictions used to show emotional meaning. The connotation words express something totally different with the real meaning of words. The connotations can be categorized into two types, negative and positive.

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Since diction determines how good you write and speak, it is important to learn more about how to “place” your way of writing and speaking. Good diction makes a good impression to your performance and writing. Though definition for diction sometimes comes in different versions, the point is “how to choose appropriate words”.


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