Definition HTTP and Understanding the System

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Most people are probably familiar with the http but not many of them really understand the definition http. Most of us are familiar with the so-called http or web address. However, do you really understand what they mean? Do you understand the mechanism or how the system works? Are you familiar with any http address definition or such thing alike?

definition of http

In this modern era, we are the dominant users of technology and internet. You must be familiar with the words web address, URL, or http because you encounter those words every time you access the internet. But, you tend to use the words for granted, not really thinking about their functions or system – until you are asked to explain it. If you want to understand more about http and web address, you need to understand the definition http protocol.

Definition Http and How the System Works

Well, the internet you know has its own technical name – World Wide Web. That is right; that’s the short of the word ‘www’ you often find when typing a website name. Imagine the internet like the real world. When you want to find a house, you will need an address to find the exact location, right? Well, the same thing also applies in the digital world. In the internet, the house is a website. So you need a website address to find the exact location. This is a brief explanation of http address definition.

In technical terms, these digital addresses have other names, known as the Uniform Resource Locators or usually shortened as the URL. Just like every house has its own address, so is the website. Every website has its own URL, so any web servers or internet users can find the website easily. Without this definition http protocol, it would be impossible to find a specific website. What about definition http itself? Well, http is basically a part of the URL. HTTP is the short for Hypertext Transport or Transfer Protocol. It is the system that’s used to bridge the web server and internet users. It is your connector to the internet. Without it, you won’t be able to access the website at all.

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You probably have seen http is written as https. It is the short for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. The definition http for this system is just the same as before. However, this system has a higher and more advanced technology that secures the website, protecting the sensitive information and data. If you see such https address, it means that the website has a higher grade of security system. Official government websites usually have this kind of protection. That’s why you probably have seen the word https written in their IP address. Hopefully, this definition http protocol can help you gaining a better understanding about the difference.

When talking about definition http, you will see that the URL will be followed by the domain name, which is expressed by IP address. Meanwhile, http refers to the general term of digital address. The IP address is the exact address to a website. The world of the internet is like a big world with trillions of different names. That’s why the domain name often comes with their extensions like .gov, or .com, or .net. Of course, there are different meanings and functions for those extensions. For instance, .gov extension is the short for government which means that the website is dedicated for government agency, whether it is federal or state.

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If you see a website address like, it refers to the home page. From the name alone, you can tell what the website is all about. If you see, it means that you have entered the specific area within the home page. Moreover, when you see, you will be taken to more specific part of the website which is included in the inside of blogs area. It is a simple explanation of http address definition and the basic function.

Well, the explanations may not be thorough or complete, but those are the basic ideas of IP address, http, and the different protocol and system. At least, you understand the functions of the different terms, including the definition http.


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