Definition of CPU and Its Important Elements

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Nowadays, it is the advanced era of computer. In the past, computer had big sized and great weight. A computer could weight more than 100 kilograms because of the big components. However, technologies develop well in these years and now computer can be small and lightweight. Even, a laptop can have weight less than 2 kilograms and it can have faster process and computation than the computer in the past. It is very interesting. Of course, there are many components in the computer and each of them has important roles. Among those components, CPU or central processing unit becomes the main component. Even, it can be considered as the brain of the computer. In short, definition of cpu is the brain of the computer.

definition of cpu

Definition of CPU

It has very small sizes. Currently, the CPU is not only in desktop computers and laptops. Now, smartphones and tablets also have its own CPU called processor. It is the main processing unit that will be responsible to manage the whole computation in the computer. Speed and performance in running certain program and software will be determined by the microprocessor. Microprocessor can become another word of CPU because now it has very small size and it is very powerful. It will be responsible to handle the arithmetic and other kinds of computations. It later will be combined with the coding process that will support the computation and running of software or application. However, it is important to know that CPU or microprocessor cannot stand alone. It may be the brain, but it should be supported by other components in running the computation. One of the most significant part is the RAM that is now popular and become consideration in choosing laptop, computer, and many kinds of smartphone.

Nowadays, the size is very small. It no longer uses the measurement in centimeters, but it uses the measurement of nanometer. Even, now there are terms of cores. A processor can consist more than just single core to provide faster speed and better performance. These surely become nice central processing unit definition that give better understanding about the simple and small component but has great responsibility in computation. For further information, actually CPU consists of some elements. Each of the elements has different roles and cpu functions.

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CPU Functions

First component of CPU is memory or storage unit. The storage unit can consist of main memory, primary storage, and also the Random Access Memory or RAM. Some devices may mention type of core and capacity of RAM separately. However, in fact those are combinations that build the central processing unit. The main and primary memory is responsible to store and save the files and data. Then, the RAM is responsible to run the program. That is why more capacities and better technologies of RAM can support better process in running the app and even run the multitasking.

Next component as part of cpu definition computer is control unit. The unit is responsible to manage and control all operations conducted by the CPU. It is important to manage the synchronization of all components in the CPU so each of them can work in great synergy. Coordination will become better and more fluent because of the control unit. However, its role is only to manage and control the operation so it has no responsibility to process and store the data. Last component is arithmetic unit. As it name shows, it is important to perform arithmetic operations. It can be in a form of comparing, merging, and matching the data. Of course, it is complicated because it will involve complex logical function. All of these three parts have different functions and each of them compliments each other and build the real central processing unit.


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