Definition of Donate and the Explanation

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You might be familiar with the word donation that relates to definition of donate. To put in simple definition, donate is similar to give something for certain reasons. Donation and related words are spoken commonly during social event or gathering where people try to help. To know more about donate, you need to read the following sections.

definition of donate

Knowing Further about the Definition of Donate

Donate is verb that’s used after subject to indicate process. For example, people donate their wealth for charity to save poverty and improve the health. From this sentence, you try to define donate through application. Donates meaning can be explored from such point of view which is easy to understand. However, donate or donation is more than giving for charity because it has implicit meaning which is hardly visible when you put it into real conversation.

Another way to know definition of donate comes from synonym. What is synonym? Two words have the same meaning and possible to replace each other in sentence. One word has more than synonyms, for example donate. As stated earlier, give or giving is strongly related to donate which is part of its synonym. Several others are: contribute, bestow, and aid. When you use donate for sentence or conversation? This question is quite easy to answer through the example.

Oil Company donates millions of dollar in environmental project to reduce global warning. Pay attention for previous sentence. Oil Company is subject then doing donation for certain project. You can analyze donates meaning from this sentence. Let’s see another example for comparison. Alex donates his money to social event. Both sentences express similar meaning. Donation is similar to gift, grant, or prize which givers don’t take anything in return. This is different between donate and give. Let’s replace donate with its synonym. For example, the oil company aids million dollars in project to restore environment issue. This sentence is quite similar to previous one. Aid means help or support that resembles giving in broad aspect. You give something to people because they are in need. Donation or support can be many things as long as it has the capability to overcome problem or issue.

Definition of donate is quite straightforward that’s easy to recognize through sentence. Donation and donate are the word to put speaker in polite way when giving. Donate has strong relation or social purpose. You may familiar with donation of body part. A person signs the contract to relinquish certain parts of his organ as donation. This is humanity aspect in charge, but some intentions hide under donation program.

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To understand donates meaning, you may ask linguistic expert for comprehensive answer. It takes many aspects to consider for explanation of one word. Donate in certain period may give different meaning. On the other side, this word evolves into modern society with implicit and explicit meaning.

From all of explanation and examples above, you can formulate when to use donate as proper word. This is crucial because learning to know definition of donate means knowing the best time to use it. You can conduct small research to gain more knowledge and examples about this topic.


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