Definition of Government and Its System: Examples and the Functions of government

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For some people, knowing the real definition of government might not seem very important in the first place. Everything which pertains to such matter, including examples government and the functions of government is often neglected due to the insignificance of this matter. However, as you might have actually realized, there is nothing that’s worthless, even this matter you consider insignificant. As a matter of fact, knowing this matter will be quite useful for you since it has a lot to do with the county you are living in and all of the system and bureaucracy that sit beyond you after all.

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First Step on the Definition of Government

If you feel like your interest has been piqued a bit, we can get deeper into the definition of government as the starter. In this case, government refers to the collection of actors, systems, and policies which together act as political body. It directs and controls all of the citizens and other inhabitants to act as approved and regulated by such body. Yes, the old definition of it that only revolves around the actor as the political body is totally wrong. The whole system needs to be working in unison in order for all political to work well.

After you have some basic knowledge on the definition of government, we can get into the functions of government and examples government. As implied before, government which consists of three political bodies need to work in unison if they want their citizen to be under their control. That cannot be taken into account as one step into dictatorship though. In that case, it means that the government has one big mission to create order and prevent chaos by directing and controlling their citizens and other inhabitants who reside in their area on what to do and what not to do. That way, order in their point of view can be achieved.

After we gave raised a bit about the functions of government, we can get into the examples government. In the case of this, there are actually four types of government this world has come to know until now. First one is monarch. It is the system in which those who have the rights to rule and control the citizen are inherited by blood. In that case, it is obvious that those who rule cannot be appointed in such common way. They have to be royals or descended from aristocrat family. The second one is oligarchy. In this case, those who rule do not have to be royals. However, they have to have relations in such circle of power not everyone can get into. It is like a group of elite to the least.

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Third one is authoritarianism. Unlike the previous types of government, those who rule do only have to be one person who has pretty much full control of their citizen and the rules of such country. Moreover, the last one on the definition of government is democracy in which everyone has the rights to make rules together and all.


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