How Definition of Leadership helps you to be A Better Leader

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Definition of leadership is sometimes hard to describe. It changes based on the context it is used. Regardless the context, leadership follows specific criteria. A leader has the ability to decide which action to take during crucial moment. Other than deciding particular action, a leader also needs to determine the decision to make in a certain condition. The followers on the same group will execute the decision taken by the leader. The leader is also responsible for the decision. In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of leadership to shape a leader. Moreover, we will also discuss about the leadership in management as well.

Definition of leadership

Understanding the Definition of Leadership to be A Leader

What is a leadership actually means? If you ask this very question to many leaders, you might get different answer. Leadership is all about leading activity. Leader leads the follower to achieve the common goal of the group. During this process, the group might have external and internal problem. Therefore, the leadership in management is also required as well. This type of leadership will help to regulate the member and decision to make. Therefore, the chance of problems occurs during the leading process can be minimized.

When talking about the definition of leadership, leadership in management holds important role. Managing followers allows the leader to understand the characteristics every one of the follower. By understanding the characteristic of a follower, the leader can determine the suitable task and place for the follower. What is a leadership has to do with it? When executing a decision, the action often ended in failed result. There are many reasons of this failing. One of them is assigning the follower in the wrong place or in the wrong task. As the leader understand the characteristic of a follower, assigning process can be performed without putting action on the risk of failed execution.

What is a leadership demand from the leader to achieve the same goal of its group? After reading about definition of leadership above, you can tell that a leader should have certain set of skill. Leading skill is something that can be learned. The best way to learn how to lead is by following leader. From this process, a person can see how a leader leads the follower to achieve the group goal. A follower can see the skill used by the leader. Some people are already born with this leading skill. However, the rests are still need to learn about how to lead.

The definition of leadership tells us that a leader should make a decision as the condition demands for it. The decision might give positive result to overcome the situation. However, in many cases, the decision often gives negative result. The problems might not be solved. In worse case, the condition might turn into even worse situation. If this condition should happens, it does not necessarily means that the leader failed to do the job. The leader might already use any resources properly. However, mistake from one follower can change the situation dramatically.

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Regardless the source of this failure, the blame goes to the leader. Lead should be able to anticipate the possibility if something goes wrong during the process of executing a particular plan. After reviewing the plan, the leader should be responsible for this failure. It can be performed by many ways based on how the condition is.

That is brief explanation about the definition of leadership. From the explanation above, you can conclude that a leader should qualify several requirements. After completing the requirements, an ideal leader will be able to determine which is best for the group.


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