Definition of Narrative Text and Further Explanation about the Text

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In learning how to make paragraphs and texts, it is important to know many kinds of texts. There are descriptive text, analytical exposition, and also narrative texts. For most of people, narrative texts are quite common and even it becomes types of texts that have been seen since the childhood. It is because children are common to read and listen to stories, such as folklore and fairy tales. These types of stories are written as narrative texts. That is why it is quite familiar. Even if it is familiar, it is not always easy to make narrative texts so it is important to know the definition of narrative text and further explanation about this type of texts.

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Definition of Narrative Text

Narrative text is type of text to tell stories. Because it is about story, it has some basic elements of stories where there is complication and problematic event inside the story. It is type of text to narrate or share story. In other word, its purpose or goal is to give amusement or entertainment for the reader. Even if it is to amuse the readers, it does not mean that the narrative texts should always contain stories with happy ending. It can be sad stories and other kinds of emotion. The main point is to tell the story in comprehensive narrative structure. It requires clear sequence of time so it has general structure starting from opening or orientation and it will has complication and re-orientation or ending of story.

Normally, narrative texts use the past tense. It is because to tell stories and mostly it is about past events or things that have done in the past. The information so far can give clear description or narrative text meaning. People can have enough idea of the narrative texts and even how to make the texts. With enough explanations and description regarding the narrative texts, it is time to see the example. It is always important to know the example of narrative texts so it can become nice reference.

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It is not hard to find various options of narrative test example. People can check the narrative texts from folklores and fairy tales. Legends and myths are also commonly written in the basic structure of narrative texts. Because these texts are normally dedicated for kids, usually the structure and complication is not too sophisticated. It is made to become quite simple so kids can also understand the story well and get enough entertainment from the stories. The stories can have few paragraphs or pages. It will be different for novels. Novels are also written in narrative structures or components, but it is more complicated because each part will have enough parts and details. The simple narrative text example can be about the past experiences, such as the story below.

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Narrative Text Example

Last month, I went to my hometown with my parents. We had made proper preparation and I had put all of my clothes inside by backpack because it was planned that we would stay in my hometown for some days. Then, we departed in the morning. My father drove the car and I sat next to my father. On the rear seats, there were my mother and brother. At first, things run well and there was no problem. However, after driving for 2 hours, problem appeared. Actually, the car got some problems so we had to stop and find proper service center to repair the car. We had to wait for more than 30 minutes we got the car fixed completely. The problem did not stop there because 15 minutes after the repair, we got flat tire. We had to push the car for some meters. After all of those problems, finally we could continue our trip. Because we were tired, we fell asleep inside the car and it was only my father who stayed awake because he had to drive the car. In the evening, we reached destination and all of our exhaustion disappeared.


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