Definition of Nationalism in Political View

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The definition of nationalism is not linked to particular nation. In the narrow definition, nationalism is merely a political ideology that states about the interest towards a nation. However, in much broader scale, nationalism can be defined as the interest towards self-governance or sovereignty of homeland. From this brief explanation, we can conclude that national identity becomes a crucial aspect that will determine political view of this interest. Identity of a nation is often becomes the pride of related nation. Therefore, the spirit of nationalism begins from the pride of its national identity. People who show their nationalism is often referred to nationalists.

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How to Distinguish the Definition of Nationalism and Patriotism

When talking about the definition of nationalism, you might stumble across patriotism term. Even though this word is often found in the same scope, it is not one of the nationalism examples. Both terms cannot be used interchangeably as well. Patriotism is not even considered as nationalism synonym. They have different meaning that can be used in different context. In order to avoid misunderstanding between them, you need to use particular method to distinguish one from another. By taking advantage of this method, you can easily distinguish which term is related to certain context.

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As previously mentioned, patriotism is not nationalism synonym. Despite being different, nationalism examples often have similarities with patriotism. To distinguish one from another, you can look at what makes them different. Nationalism is merely a political ideology. In other hand, patriotism is the representation of this political ideology. The similarities about both of them can be seen by the national identity that they are taking interest on. People who have interest on certain national ideology can have both nationalism and patriotism spirit. The origin of both terms is the same as well. They are originated from primordialism that grows after a nation is established.

When talking about definition of nationalism, it is important to talk about the national identity. As the core reason why nationalism grows in the first place, understanding the national identity will help you to point out the nationalism examples. The national identity often shares the same language, culture, ethnicity, natural landscape, history, religion, and many more. It does not have to be a homeland that has been established as a nation with along with its constitutions. People often consider patriotism as nationalism synonym since both of those terms have something to do with national identity.

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Terminologically speaking, nationalism is considered as new word. The concept of nationalism begins beyond the time when the concept of nation ever existed. Nationalism begins to be used as political ideology soon after the concept of nation is established. It is also interesting to point out that the definition of nationalism can also has negative impression as well. Negative impression of nationalism often happens when nationalists use their political ideology as justification for what they have done. In most cases, their actions often lead up to separation of a country. Since the national ideology holds the key to unite factions of a country, nationalism should bring factions together instead of separating them.


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