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Definition of office nowadays has been confused with two types of definition with totally different meaning behind it. While on the one side it refers to certain position one holds in certain organization, on the other side it goes to an area or room where people who work for certain company work or do their administrative job. In this article, we go with the latter with the functions of office as employee’s working area. In general, types of office come in a very various form with each different concept. Yet, it actually serves the same purpose; it plays an important part in the functions of office.

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Definition of Office You Should Know

In general, all types of office have Personal Computer or PC, desk alongside the chair, and other stuffs deemed important for a working place. Yet, every company offers different choice in the matter of how their working place should be like to reach the functions of office in maximum. Here is the list of types of office which relate to the definition of office:

1. Cubicle

This type of working place is the most general type many company choose to have. In this type, the employee’s working space are separated from each other with three sided cubicle closing your space from outer distraction caused your partner. The upside for this type of working space is that you will have privacy from the nosy eyes of your partners’. Yet on the downside, your space is pretty limited and does limit your moving space.

2. Open large space

All small company which does hire several employees usually rely on this type of working space. This working space area is actually a perfect fit for a company, besides the small one, which has quieter setting. In this case, screening one employee’s working space from other’s is deemed unnecessary and of waste of money. The employees will be working side by side with each other and such setting will create a sense of collaboration among the workers without any screens separating them from each other.

3. Half partition

Other usual types of working space you would come across in several office related on the definition of office is half partition. In this type, the workers’ working space is still separated by partitions just as the one in cubicle type. The only difference is that the partitions are not closing you completely from your colleagues. You can still have a direct communication with them when you are in dire need of one. The workers will still have their privacy while at the same time it is easy for them to have communication with their colleagues.

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4. Team enclosures

Several innovative companies have already picked this type of working space as theirs. It is designed for the workers in the same team to work together without any barriers among them so that any ideas and innovations can flow freely.

Those are all things which have to do with the definition of office. Design your own working space for better performance.


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