Definition of PDF and Its Advantage

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What is the definition of PDF? When it comes to computing, it sounds familiar. PDF stands for Portable Document. It is a file format created by Adobe System Inc. This type of file is famous and widely used, mainly in E-book form since it can be opened easily when it is used with a free application. To open PDF, you need software known as PDF Reader which is available to use for a computer or gadget like an Android device. This software can be used for free or pay. Now, let’s go further to conclude “what is PDF format”

Definition of PDF

Another Definition of PDF and Its Advantage

When it comes to the definition of PDF, you may say that PDF is a file that should be opened using Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, or other PDF reader programs, even using Chrome Browser. Besides sed for E-book, this format can be also used for an application letter by email, scanned securities, software or driver manual, online scientific journal, and many more. So, your answer about “what is PDF format” is now clear, right?

Now, let’s go the advantage of PDF. Once you know the definition of PDF file format, it comes to the excellence of this format. Being compared with the other document formats for example Microsoft Word, PDF is more safe and able to be distributed or opened with all types of computers in a same feature as long as the PDF reader software is installed on your computer. A file which has been converted into PDF can’t be edited or copied unless you have PDF editor application. Another possibility to edit it is that the file is not adjusted with password. So, it is excellent to prevent your file or data from plagiarism.

PDF allows you to show the original version of document preview to public. So, the conclusion that can be taken to state the definition of PDF file format in another different version is a document which looks like the original version. In other words, it is an electronic version of its print form. Most of printable files can be converted into PDF. For example, an electronic magazine use PDF format before it is published. Okay, it is clear enough for the definition of PDF and now let’s decides when you should use PDF. You can use PDF whenever you need file with these requirements:

  • looks similar on all computer
  • has a smaller size
  • compatible to the industry format
  • The file can be a resume, law document, bulletin, file for reading only (not for edited), and file for a professional printing.

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Related to the definition of PDF, it maintains the document formatting and allows file sharing. When a file with PDF format is shown online and printed, the file will maintain the format as you wish. It is really important for some reproduced documents using commercial printing. Related to the definition of PDF file format, it is accepted as the most valid format for many organizations and agencies. One more, it is available in more vary platform than XPS. Well, isn’t It clear enough about “what is PDF format”?


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