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What is the definition of site, anyway? You have probably used the internet quite often, even on a daily basis. However, try to ask this question to those using the internet as their daily working platform – not every one of them would be able to define it clearly and correctly. Moreover, people tend to mistake some of the terms and think of them as interchangeable, while in reality, it is not.

Definition of Site

Definition of Site, Understanding the Concept

A website or often called as a site is basically a collection of web pages that are located and put together within a central point, spot, or location. These web pages are related to one another through the hyperlinks. In the most common cases, you will need to click on a specific link usually provided on the site. These web pages are usually located within the home page on the browser. You’re certainly familiar with this system: when you want to open a website, you open the browser, type in the address, and voila! The website will be open. And then, you can freely navigate within the site by simply clicking on the provided links.

Now, have you already grasped the idea and definition of site? Do you know the difference of website, web page, a web server, or a website map? Are you familiar with the definition of site map? A web page is a document that is displayed on the browser. A website is the collection of web pages that are generally grouped and collected together, in most cases by a specific topic or theme. A web server is the computer hosting the website. It can be more than a site. A site map is the network arrangement or blueprint of the website.

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Some experts state that it would be crucial to create a site map before even building a website. As you have learned about the definition of site map and its function which is similar to the blueprint, you would understand that creating a site will be easier if you already have the arrangement. When you have the blueprint, not only it provides a clearer idea of how to build the website but it helps you with easier implementation.

When you have understood the definition of site, you know that creating a purpose and goal for the website is crucial. Otherwise, you may just circle around without a clearer thought or path. You know what kind of management to use and what kind of content to include. Second, a site map will also help you in managing the content. You will get clearer ideas about the topic and you won’t have to worry about making duplicate content. You probably think that it would be easy to manage such a site but when your site is growing, developing, and getting bigger, you’d know that managing one won’t be that easy.

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So, it is crucial to know your way around the topic. Learn more about the definition of site map so you can make one before building your own site. And once you grasp the idea of the site map, feel free to further your knowledge and learn about the definition of site so making mistakes will be minimized.


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