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Internet era cannot be separated from website and you may interest to know definition website. Practically, you access website via domain and get collection of pages with many information. Such things are called as website. There is millions of website with various design, content, purpose, template, etc. Website is very broad term to be defined and you can start from definition website content.

Definition Website

Content and Design in the Definition Website

Actually, single page is not website because you need at least two pages to connect each other. In definition website, the pages are more than two, even hundreds and millions for just a single domain. The contents are various, ranging from simple to complex ones. There is no definite way to divide content into some categories or topics. Internet users can access various topics in just single website. This thing happens when accessing online library, encyclopedia, dictionary, journal, and research center. For the definition of website content, you may find difficulty to make a fixed meaning.

One important thing in definition website content is about purpose. Based on technical aspect, website can be categorized into three main groups. Firstly, you may see static website with less complex structure to show for viewers. It is the oldest form of website that’s still available today, but not much as past time. This kind of website provides regular information from one side without interactive communication. This kind of website is common for personal or announcement to deliver message or information.

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Second category is dynamic that leads to definition website design. Simple and static website does not have to use complex programming and template. It is only practical with less aesthetic aspect. However, internet users are not satisfied with just static, stagnant, and the same appearance every day. Dynamic websites allow user to interact such as via comment or anything. However, there is limitation because it takes time to get feedback. It is not real time communication and only good for trivial purpose. In this point, you already understand the definition website content that goes side by side with design.

What is the last category? Multimedia and social media changes the way people interact each other. They may not bother with definition website as long as everything is in order. When you ask people about the definition, they will give example as it is difficult to explain in words. Multimedia website uses advanced and sophisticated technology to provide more than just text and picture. You can see video and get real time news from other part of the world. Definition website design for this stuff is different from static and dynamic one. If you intend to create such website, it is better to invest money for server and bandwidth.

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Real time interaction and communication is no longer exclusive and private. You will find many websites called social media to share, connect, and chat with others. This is the top revolution in internet era that helps to increase internet users. What is definition website design? It is more than just text or comment, but the real time service. It is good to know definition website, but people focus on the purpose, practical aspect and the functionality that keep internet grow significantly.


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