Examples of Carnivores from Around the World

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You can find various examples of carnivores in food chain which mostly populate the top level. The reason is simple, that is because carnivores only have meat in their diet. Thus, other creatures that eat plants such as herbivore will occupy the lower level of food chain.

Different Examples of Carnivores from Around the World

1. Arctic wolves

examples of carnivores
Arctic Wolves (pxhere.com)

These carnivores’ examples are actually sub species from gray wolfs. They live in pack around North America and artic regions in Greenland. They can survive in temperature below zero and can live in dark for months.

They will travel outside their forest in searching for food and can survive without eating for a few days. They hunt animals that are smaller than their size such as lemmings or arctic hares. But they can take down animals larger than their size such as caribou or musk-oxen by hunting in pack.

2. Great white shark

white shark
White shark (freeimageslive.co.uk)

You must have seen them in various beach movies since they are considered very dangerous. They are apex predator and stays on top of the other animal on the food chain since no other animal can kill them.

They are equipped with various structure that is very useful for hunting their food such as great smell, incredible eyesight and excellent teeth which can shatter bones and puncture it in no time. Their food consists of sea turtles, dolphin, seals and other types of fish which makes them fit well with carnivore definition.

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3. Brown Hyenas

brown hyena
Brown hyena (pixabay.com)

There are many misconceptions about brown hyenas as people think they will kill livestock, but that is not true at all. Instead of hunting for their food, brown hyenas mostly eat animals that already dead which make them excellent examples of carnivores.

They are scavengers that will feed on leftover carcasses left behind by larger predators so they rarely hunt for their food. This creature is actually smarter than chimpanzee in cooperation and problem-solving matters.

4. Jaguar

examples of carnivores Jaguar
Jaguar (pixabay.com)

Jaguar actually a cat which is very big and considered as one of the biggest species of cat in this world. Their teeth are also very strong and considered as one of the top strongest one within big cat species. They are opportunistic which means they will eat mostly anything they can find.

5. Anaconda

Snake Anaconda
Snake Anaconda (maxpixel.net)

Considered within the largest snakes in the world, these examples of carnivores can be easily found in South America. They are not venomous, instead they will kill their prey by sneaking up then wrap their prey with their body. They will use their strong muscle to squeeze and eventually kill their prey.

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6. Komodo Dragon

komodo dragon
komodo dragon (pixabay.com)

Considered as the largest within lizard species, they can grow up to 10 feet in length and around 200 pounds in weight. They can only be found and live in a few islands located in Indonesia. They have venom in their teeth which can kill their prey slowly. Even if the pray escape the first attack, they will eventually die from the venomous bite.

Those are several examples of carnivores that you can find in different parts of the worlds. Carnivores are amazing creatures and most of them are considered scary and dangerous since they are naturally predator.


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