Examples of Omnivores Easily Found Around Us

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There are many examples of omnivores around us as they are actually very easy to found. From omnivore definition, it is clear that this type of animal can survive by eating both animal matters and plant-based food.

They usually scavenge looking for their food that can come from different types of vegetables, fruit and plants. They also hunt then kill various prey as food. This is why, they are called as omnivores.

Examples of Omnivores That Can Easily Be Found Around Us

1. Groundhog

groundhog (pixabay.com)

First omnivores examples are groundhog that likes to dig around your yard and destroy your garden. That might be the reason why you think that they are herbivore as they mostly eat plant-based matters. However, they actually also eat eggs and insects that makes them considered as omnivores.

2. American black bear

american black bear
american black bear (pixabay.com)

Many people think that this big bear is herbivore since they like to forage for their food. While they mostly have 85% plant-based diet, they actually hunt for other types of food such as fish and young deer. That is why, you can consider them as examples of omnivores.

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3. Pig

guinea pig
guinea pig (pixabay.com)

This silly little animal often considered dumb and dirty. However, they are actually very smart creature. They can be trained and domesticated for various purposes such as helping to hunt truffles. They can eat both animals and plant-based food so it is very easy to take care of them if you are interested to have them as pets.

4. Racoon

raccoon (pixabay.com)

Some of us that lives in the urban areas might feel annoyed by this little fella since they love to rummage on our trash while scavenging for food. But that should give you enough clue that raccoon is indeed one of the examples of omnivorous animals.

5. Common snapping turtle

common snapping turtle
common snapping turtle (pixabay.com)

This turtle is very common and you can find them in various states in the US. They will scavenge and eat most food which includes animal and plant-based matter. The state of New York declares them as their state reptile in 2006.

6. Ostriches

Ostriches (pixino.com)

This huge bird love to walk or should we say run on their legs. They can reach as fast as 45mph which makes them the fastest bird on the land. They usually eat smaller size creatures such as lizards or other carnivorous remains that they can find. But as other examples of omnivores they also eat seeds, flowers, nuts and various plants for their

7. Olive baboons

olive baboon
olive baboon (maxpixel.net)

This creature love to live within group that consist of 15 to 150 olive baboons. They have powerful jaws with long snouts and pointed canines that makes them resemble dog. They are opportunistic eater which will forages and eat anything that they find.

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8. Tapanuli orangutan

tapanuli orangutan (wikimedia.org)

This animal is native of Indonesia and love to spend their time op top of the tress. They will eat caterpillars, insects, pinecones, saps and fruit that they can find on the trees.

Those are the examples of omnivores that you can easily find around. As you can see, various creatures are actually omnivores even though some of us might think otherwise.


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