Hydrosphere Definition and Its Importance for Life on Earth

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If you are looking up the hydrosphere definition at different dictionaries and sources, it will refer to the liquid part of the blue planet. There is a reason why our Earth is called as the blue planet, after all. If you go up to space and look at the Earth, you will see this blue ball of planet. Why is the Earth blue? It is because it makes up of water. And the water can’t only be found on the soil or ocean but it can also be found within the atmosphere.

Hydrosphere Definition

Hydrosphere Definition and the General Facts

Now that you have understood the definition of hydrosphere, you can dig into the fact even more. We are talking about the liquid component as a part of hydrosphere element. It is not about the water but also steam and vapor. The most visible and obvious parts can be seen on lakes, rivers, seas, oceans, streams, and ponds. Although you can’t see the steam or vapor, you know that they exist.

The Earth’s hydrosphere covers a lot of part of the surface, more than 70% of it. And how it is important for the life’s cycle? The hydrosphere is related to water cycle, which is also related to climate and temperature regulation of the Earth. You can say that without hydrosphere, the water will be gone because of evaporation. But thanks to the water cycle, water is being regulated, reused, and controlled so we have enough water to preserve the life.  That’s hydrosphere meaning for human’s life.

If you think that hydrosphere definition is only limited to water and the water cycle, you are wrong because there are many small details that actually play important role in life existence in general. For instance, the hydrosphere is always moving. It is pretty obvious in streams and rivers as well as in seas and oceans. The most common sign is the wave’s movement. Do you know that the movement is related to temperature? Currents generally move, involving warm water from the tropics to the poles and also cold water from the poles to the tropics. It is a crucial element in our ecosystem. This is why understanding hydrosphere meaning can help you gaining better insight and knowledge about the environment where we live in.

When we are talking about hydrosphere meaning, we are talking about the origin of life. If you take a look at the world’s history, all lives originates and centralizes around water. We often take it for granted but we should understand how the Earth’s hydrosphere holds a very crucial role in our existence.

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First of all, water is a part of living cells. Every living creature consists of cells made of water. Every chemical reactions and every cellular function is related to water. Without water, it would be impossible for the cells to function. Without water, we can’t live. Moreover, humans need water not only for drinking but also for washing, cleaning, bathing, and even generating electricity. Once we understand hydrosphere definition as well as its function, we can see its importance in daily life.

Second, water is the origin of life and it creates a habitat. All living creatures are able to last without food but they won’t last without water. The definition of hydrosphere includes chemical gasses like ammonium, nitrite, and other ions can be dissolved in water. And they are super important for the life in general.

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Third, again, water helps regulating climate and temperature in our blue planet. The Earth’s hydrosphere prevents water from evaporating, thanks to its recycling element. Without the hydrosphere, the Earth will be barren and dusty. Without water, the Earth won’t be the blue planet anymore.

Naturally, the actual definition of hydrosphere isn’t as simple as described. In reality, it covers a lot of complicated and intricate processes. But it is crucial for us to understand hydrosphere definition and its function in life so we can help taking care and preserving our environment.


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