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The word official is placed into two categories. Well, the definition of official will take perspective from both of them. Official has strong relation with authority, office, government, institution, etc. This word can be put into noun and adjective. You may commonly see legal announcement that’s called as official statement. From this point, official acts as adjective to extent meaning of statement. To know more about this word, you can read the following sections.

definition of official

Understand the Definition of Official

As noun, definition of official has several words to put into sentence as synonym. Official is a person who holds or called as administers office. He or she might be public servant, lawyer, manager, head of department, or any person with authority. This meaning expands into more plural aspect. Official means government, institution, company, and department themselves without referring to single person. Besides office, the term official also applies people with non-office, but they have right based on law that they hold. For example, official means sport body or referee in match and competition.

To understand these meanings, you may interest to know the way official in a sentence. For example, official referee released the result of match last night. From this word, referee is one or more people with authority to make judgment. Another example is official agency that tries to limit destruction of this incident with several methods. In this sentence, official agency means department or institution with authority to make certain action. Official also means supervisor, officer, administrator, principal, bureaucrat, manager, and director. All of them are used to replace official in a sentence.

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The biggest definition of official comes from adjective. As you know, this word means legal or legitimate then follows some nouns. Official means related aspect to office or government. For example, official press release exposes the cause of accident. This means press release has legitimate aspect to put into public announcement. With official word that attaches into noun, meaning it expands extensively that related to something legal or legitimate.

Other examples of official in a sentence are duty, trip, and event. Alex has official duty to solve this problem because it is part of his responsibility. Official trip was cancelled due to weather condition. Cindy asks her friend as companion to social and official event. These examples show that official increases the legal or authority aspect to noun. You can add this word to convince people to obey the rule. This is true intention of official when attaches in certain words.

To understand this word, you can explore from synonym. Several words are eligible to replace official. There are authorized, approved, certified, licensed, permission, regulation, etc. You can put these words according to context and condition. What are the antonyms for official? They are unofficial, unlawful, illegal, verboten, lawless, and wrongful. Understanding antonyms is good to know the utilization of word.

The explanation and examples above are enough to make you understand about the definition of official. This word is familiar when reading something legal or lawful. You also often find this word as the name of organization or government agency. When reading act or contract, official is also common word.


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