Monocot Examples from Different Types of Plants

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Finding monocot examples is actually easier than you think. There are various flowering plants around you that is consider as monocot. You just need to pay attention to the true leaf that sprout from the seed.

Monocot Examples

From monocot meaning you will know that the seed in this plant first sprout only one leaf from the seed. There are around 200 thousand of monocot species that you can find around you. Now let’s take a look at the more common plants that you can see and is considered as monocot.

7 Monocot Examples That Come from Different Types of Plants

1. Banana

banana tree
banana tree (

You surely have eaten or at least seen this fruit in the market. This elongated fruit with yellow, green and orange color is very popular as tropical fruit. Banana has one cotyledon inside their seed and has parallel venation on their leaf. Their root system is fibrous and does not have cambium so it cannot increase its diameter.

2. Garlic

garlic monocot examples
garlic (

It is a commonly used herb that crate allicin chemical which good for your body. It is used in various dishes and very versatile. As it grows, a cotyledon will develop from the seed. The leaves of garlic plant have parallel veins, they are solid, linear and flat. The stem can grow up to 1m in height while the leaf blade can grow up to 2.5cm wide.

3. Coconut

coconut tree monocot examples
coconut tree (

This tree is the single living species under Cocos genus and can grow up to 30m height. It is one of the monocot examples that has pinnate leaves that can grow up to 6m long and around 90cm wide. Even though it is very high but it is only supported by fibrous root. The thin roots grow outward on stem that is above the ground. Meanwhile small number of roots grows to penetrate the soil.

4. Tulip

tulips (

Tulip is a spring flower that has showy, large and bright in color. The stems produce a few leaves with larger species having multiple at once. The flower has single terminal in star of cup shape.

5. Dates

dates tree
dates palm tree (

Dates is considered as a healthy fruit that often suggested as parts of everyone’s diet. They have high antioxidant, fiber and nutrient which makes them beneficial for your body. These monocot examples have long pinnate leaves that can grow up to 5m long. One plant can only have either female or male flower. Thus, they are usually pollinated artificially for cultivation.

6. Wheat

Monocot Examples
Wheat (

Wheat is a type of plant that cultivate for the seeds and considered as staple food in many parts of the world. The seeds itself only has one embryonic leaf that will grow from the meristem until it flowers. The flag leaf is the last leaf grow in the plant and has higher rate of photosynthetic than their other leaves.

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7. Oil Palm

oil palm
oil palm (

This tree is the main source that produce palm oil and can grow up to 20m in height. It has pinnate leaves that can grow up to 5m long. Its flowers grow in clusters and small in size. Each flower has 3petals and 3 sepals.

As you can see those monocot examples are very easy to find and you must have seen most of them.


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