Non Verbal Communication Example You can Use Daily

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There are a lot of non verbal communication example that you can find on your daily life that you might even realize. Communication is an important aspect to our life since it can be use to deliver a lot of message.

Non Verbal Communication Example

Then what is non verbal communication? A communication is considered as non verbal when the information is delivered through non verbal means. There are many means that you can use to deliver information such as gesture, body language, facial expression and posture. All of those are also considered as the example of non verbal communication.

5 Non Verbal Communication Example You Can Use Daily

1. Electronic gadget

Electronic gadget is actually very important tool that can support people to communicate. The gadget is an option using high technology to communicate which especially useful for people who are having difficulties of communicating using other means.

There are even some gadgets that can be use to show symbols on the screen by just tapping it. Other gadgets are even more advanced since it uses eye track so people can just eye the symbol that they want. These gadgets are specially made for people who have limited control on their muscle because of injury or disability.

2. Gesture

This communication is done by moving your hands. You might already do this type of communication without realizing it since gesture is very common thing. It is also very useful way to communicate and is very natural thing that a lot of people do.

Non verbal communication example using gesture are pointing to something, using your fingers to show a number, waving to someone, and many others. Another common gesture that can be use to communicate are using your thumbs eight up or down, OK gesture using your fingers, and putting one finger on your lips so people can be quiet.

3. Sign language

This non verbal communication is done using visual cues that usually delivered using face, body motion, hands, eyes, and mouth. The symbols created using the gesture is the sign language and organized using linguistic manner.

Usually the sign languages are done using combinations of those things. That way, the person that use sign language can deliver their thought without doing it verbally. However, it can also be use to assist verbal communication at the same time.

4. Writing

Words that are written is also considered as non verbal communication definition. This method is use since you can express your more complex ideas, thoughts and request better. The method can also be helpful on your daily life.

The non verbal communication example using this method is by writing two options that you have on a paper. Then you can give the paper to someone else so they can choose which options that they prefer.

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5. Facial expression

You can use facial expression as non verbal communication which usually done naturally without command. For example, by furrowing or raising the eyebrows. Of course, you need to see the context in order to understand the meaning.

Those are several non verbal communication example that you can use daily. There are still other examples that you can find since non verbal communication is very wide in range.


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