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One of the most popular web domains is org. Therefore, in this article, we are going to talk more about org definition. It is considered as generic domain of the top level. This domain is categorized under the domain name system. As probably noticed, it is shortened from organization. After the registry of public interest listed this domain, it can be used for website of particular organization. Even though it was once used for the website of non-profit organization, it can now be used by any organization website.

Org Definition

Brief Introduction of Org Definition

The definition of org is not limited on its use. This domain remains active even though has been registered since 32 years ago. In order to define org, it is required to look back on the history of this web domain. As mentioned before, org is considered as one of domain in the top level. This domain is in the same rank as com, edu, gov, us, net, mill, and many other. The first website bearing this domain is MITRE Corporation. This website can be accessed online since July 1985.

One of the main requirements for registering new domain is the purpose of the domain. Org definition is one of those important requirements. This requirement is necessary in order to make the domain can be used world-wide. Under the definition of org registered, it is also possible to make sub domain with it. In fact, most of the websites using this sub domain are used for profit organization. Using the domain for profit organization is not violated the restriction since the restriction for it has been removed.

Even though most people define org as domain that can be used for nonprofit organization, profit organization can also take advantage of the features offered by this domain. As mentioned before, org stands for organization. However, the use of this domain is not intended mainly organization only. Other than organization, associations, institutions, religious, even sport teams can also use the same domain.

Looking back at org definition, the sub domain registered under this main domain becomes expanding along the years. The common sub domain used on it is country-based domain. Come countries such as Australia, Argentina, Russia, and Japan start to define org on the sub domain level such as au, ar, ru, and jp. Sub domain with country based is called as the second level of domain. In some case, the main domain followed by those sub domains are not written as org, but or instead.

After learning about the definition of org regarding to the second level of domain, the names for international domain comes next. Some of the countries that are excluded on the list above, registered sub domain for international use. The countries are including Danish, German, Korean, Icelandic, Latvian, Hungarian, and many others.

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When registering a website using this domain, one thing that often considered is the price. Based on the registry of public interest, the cost required to complete the registration process is only $7.70. This price is accredited on behalf of the registrars for a domain. Make sure you understand the org definition and its purpose before registering your website under org domain.