Refraction Examples That Commonly Happen Around You

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Light has certain speed when moved, but if its speed change then it will cause refraction. Refraction happen when the light bend and there are many refraction examples that you can find in your daily life.

Refraction examples

Especially since the light will hit on everything and during the process, some of the substances it goes through will let the light move in constant speed. However, some of the substances might slow down the speed. Since the speed slowed down, then it will become bends and refraction happened. You can see this phenomenon with your eyes when the object looked like it is larger in size, closer in distance or bent completely.

4 Refraction Examples That Happened Commonly Around You

1. Pencil inside a glass

The most common refraction of light examples that usually used in class to show how the bend works to actually make the object looked bend to your eyes. First prepare a glass and pour water until it is half full. Then you can put the pencil inside the glass. You can see that the pencil will appear bent and larger than it actually is. This is what refraction look like in your eyes.

2. Contact lenses and glasses

The refraction principle is actually used in real life on contact lenses and glasses. the lenses on those objects are bent purposely in specific way so it can help to improve the vision of people that wear it.

When wearing the contact lenses or glasses the objects can appear bigger, clearer and many other ways according to the need of the wearer. That is why contact lenses and glasses are refraction examples that you can find in real life.

3. Human Eyes

Inside a human eye there are lenses which called as cornea. The cornea can refract the lights from object into the retina. Then the image of the object from the retina will be sent by the optic nerve into the brain. This is actually how your eyes works and without the refraction process you will not see anything.

4. Prism

You might already have a collection of prisms in the form of crystal that you can use as decoration. A lot of people love these crystals since it can create rainbow color that is fun to look at. These crystals or prism are actually also considered as refraction examples.

The one that cause the rainbow to form is actually refraction process. When the light moves through the surface of the crystal it will slow down then it will gain different speeds.

Because of the speed differences, the sunlight that originally white will turn color into various rainbow color that you can see through the crystal. That is because each color comes from the light that moves in different speed.

As you can see there are various refraction examples that you can find easily around you. The refraction is a phenomenon that is very commonly happen naturally in our life. Some refraction is created by humans to help us for examples while using telescope, camera, microscope and many other.


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