Types of Metamorphosis Done During Organism Growth

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There are various types of metamorphosis that might happen to organism so it is important for you to learn more about it. But before going further, lets first define metamorphosis as changing that happens to an organism to be different form which usually done after birth.

When it comes to the changes itself, they are going through rapid changes then the result also very extreme physically. This cause the organism body system to also change dramatically such as the way it eats, the way its breath or even the number of legs it has.

But you might wonder if humans also go through metamorphosis or not. The answer is no as human’s life cycle is different than the other organism. So now, let us check the main metamorphosis types that happened to various organism.

2 Main Types of Metamorphosis Done by Organism

For species that does use metamorphosis, it is also typically needed to reach maturity sexually. Usually the pre-metamorphic organism does not have the ability to reproduce or mate. Metamorphosis itself is very dramatic process as the speed as well as the cell growth which result in dramatic changes is very astonishing.

The changes that cause metamorphosis itself is triggered in the body of the organism by hormones. The body will release the hormone when the conditions needed are met. In some organism, the hormone might also release other hormones which will affect various changes on the organism’s body. Typically, the metamorphosis is divided into two main categories.

1. Complete Metamorphosis

Types of Metamorphosis

The organism that undergo this category of types of metamorphosis will experience a complete change in the body plan in order to be the adult organism. Example of organism that do complete metamorphosis is butterfly.

The metamorphosis on butterfly start when the organism is in a form that is similar to worm. Then it metamorphosed into caterpillar that eat leaves before finally turning into butterfly that has exoskeleton with the ability to fly and consume nectar.

This transformation is so complete so the caterpillar has to create a cocoon to rest for weeks while the body transform radically. This type of organism is called as holometabolous as they experience the complete metamorphosis.

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2. Incomplete Metamorphosis

metamorphosis dragonflies

Meanwhile organism that undergo this category of types of metamorphosis will only experience changes in some part of its body. The organism that experience this metamorphosis is called as hermimetabolous.

One example of organism that experience incomplete metamorphosis is dragonflies. You can see that this organism after it hatch, their body is very similar to the adult organism. Then as it grows, some parts of its body will transform as it acquires various adult body organ such as reproductive organs and wings.

However, it does not completely change the body like organism that does complete metamorphosis. Other organism that also undergo similar metamorphosis process are grasshoppers and cockroaches.

Those are the main types of metamorphosis that happen to organism as part of their evolution. There are various examples of metamorphosis for each type that you can identify from the transformation that happen to the organism’s body.


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