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The best way to understand biosphere definition is probably by looking at its origin. Terminologically, biosphere comes from Greek words bios meaning life and sphaira means sphere. Therefore, biosphere meaning is roughly translated as sphere of life. Biosphere is often referred as ecosphere, which means the living environment. It is interesting to point out that this particular term is mostly used in two different scientific branches of biology and geography. Regardless the scientific branches it is used, we are going to talk about it in the following explanation. Many experts have explained the definition of biosphere. Here is what they say about it.

Biosphere Definition

Biosphere Definition based on Experts

The first person who figures out the biosphere meaning is Eduard Suess. In the year of 1875, this Austrian scientist mentions that biosphere is a place in the Earth crust where the live dwell. As you can see, this particular definition is rather general. Despite being general, this definition becomes the very foundation of biosphere concept. As it goes with most scientific term, the definition of particular term is often imperfect. Other scientist studies the biosphere examples in order to achieve further understanding about it.

Other scientist named James Lovelock states one of the studies about biosphere. The biosphere definition based on Lovelock studies reveal that it biosphere is actually living organism. This particular hypothesis is often referred as Gaia Hypothesis. In this hypothesis, the living organism consists of smaller individual working in their respective purpose. The most crucial thing mentioned on the definition of biosphere by Lovelock is the interaction within the biosphere. This interaction happens between biotic and abiotic factors. Compared to the previous definition, Lovelock focuses on this interaction. Interaction is important since living organism cannot survive without it. Living organism often interact with non-living organism so that the life can carry on.

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If Lovelock decided to focus the definition of biosphere on the interaction between the organism and its environment, other scientist focuses on the chronological process of the biosphere itself. The study of biosphere based on its chronological point of view is mentioned by Vladimir Wanouich Veinadsky. He said that organism begins to create biosphere since the beginning of Earth history. Meanwhile, John Wiley focuses the biosphere concept on its geographical term. The biosphere examples based on his theory are including geosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and many more.

It is also interesting that in the modern days, scientists study biosphere through artificial biosphere. As the name suggest, this biosphere is not occurred naturally. This term is often called as experimental biosphere. In this artificial biosphere, scientists study many things about living organism in it.

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In conclusion, the biosphere meaning is not only changing, but also developing. After the concept of biosphere is discovered, scientists begin to figure it out more. Some scientists focus on particular aspect about the biosphere such as the interaction of organism living in it. Meanwhile, the other focuses on where the biosphere is found. Therefore, the biosphere definition is not limited at the theory of particular scientist. As man-made biosphere examples, artificial biosphere is established in order to understand the development of living organism in it.


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