Verbal Communication Example, Definition and Types

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Before we take a look at verbal communication example it is better to know the definitions so you can understand it. Then what is verbal communication? It is the use of language and words to deliver a message from one party to the other.

There are many examples of this communication type such as someone that deliver a speech, teaching, a conversation, singing, as well as simple things like a phone call you have with someone. You will be surprised on how many examples that you can find which actually very common in your daily life.

Verbal Communication Example

Verbal Communication Example, Definition and Types

Most of the time, a leader needs to have verbal communication as one of their soft skills. That is why, having strong verbal communication is always important for people in workplace and business.

Verbal communication is essential to build relationships in business. Furthermore, with good verbal communication, the business can become more efficient. This is why, many business courses have verbal communication as one of its lessons. Here are some verbal communication types that might happened in your life:

1. Interpersonal type

In this type the communication is done inside your own person. Meaning you can actually speak to yourself and it is still considered as communication. Of course, you do not actually need to pronounced the words as the sender and the receiver of the speech is yourself.

So, even without physical pronunciation, it is still considered as verbal communication example since your thought will include language and words. Even though those language and words are spoken internally.

2. Small group type

The verbal communication definition for this type is when the communication involved three or more people. Of course, the number of people involved should still be considered small since it is small type of communication.

The example of this type of communication are casual conversations with three or more participant, presentation in class and college room, as well as board meeting.

3. Interpersonal type

When the communication is done two people, on one-on-one condition then it is considered as interpersonal type. There are many situations where verbal communication example can happen.

For example, during job interview, casual conversation, and even phone call. These situations are considered as verbal communication since the two people involved are using language to deliver the information.

4. Public type

In this type the verbal communication is done within large group of people. The one that giving the communication can be group of people or an individual as well as the receiver is a large group of people.

Example of this type such as news report that you see on the TV, speech to large group of people as well as seminars. The key to this type is the receiver of the communication that consist of large number of people.

Those are the types of verbal communication that can happen in your life. As you can see, there are some verbal communication example that you can find on each of them. as long as there are communication using language and words then it is most likely considered as verbal communication.


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