What is Cloud Computing Definition along with Its Advantages and Disadvantages?

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Cloud computing is a new term in technology that you might come across often lately. In this article, we are going to talk about what is cloud computing definition. Computing refers to process of storing and accessing either data or program. If the process used internet based, it is called as cloud computing. Conventionally, this process is executed by RAM of a device. The latest technology development allows people to process data and run program without consuming RAM. As long as the device is connected to internet, the processing can still be performed. The following is cloud computing advantages and disadvantages.

What is Cloud Computing Definition

What is Cloud Computing Definition along with Its Advantages and Disadvantages?

When it comes for the cloud computing advantages and disadvantages, you can view them from different aspects. The main benefits that you can get from it is the cost saving. Running business with cloud-based processing is able to conserve your capital. The operational cost for processing the data can be reduced at minimum amount. The infrastructure required for this processing can be removed from your equation as well.

You cannot deny that what is cloud computing definition is more than just a concept. It is able to bring benefits for the business. In this case, you might want to know what is cloud computing with example that’s beneficial for the business. Business normally requires space to specific place intended for data storage. By taking advantage of cloud technology, the business owners do not have to allocate their capital for purchasing or renting such places.

There is other important benefit of what is cloud computing with example for business. It is important to consider the manageability benefits as well. Compared to processing data with conventional method, the cloud computing is using simple process. Simple process means that it does not take complicated maintenance. The errors that frequently happened on conventional computing can be minimized by taking advantage of cloud computing.

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Since this article is talking about cloud computing advantages and disadvantages, the downside of cloud computing needs to be considered as well. As stated on what is cloud computing definition above, the data is processed through cloud system. One of the major drawbacks of cloud system is related to its security. The security of data stored in cloud system is vulnerable to security leak. Compared to conventional method of processing data, you cannot secure it manually.

The frequently asked question about it is what is cloud computing with example of this vulnerability. In cloud computing, the data is processed in the server. The server itself might be used by multiple users at the same time. There is a possibility that some of the users are hacking through the firewall of the server. Due to this vulnerability, it is highly advisable to upgrade the protection of the server regularly to prevent hacking.

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As conclusion, the drawback of cloud system can be solved. Based on the explanation of what is cloud computing definition, the benefits of using this system is simply overweigh the drawback. Therefore, cloud computing is highly recommended.


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