What is the Definition of WWW (World Wide Web)?

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If you are often with using internet, you might familiar with the use of www. Even though it is familiar terms, you might not know about the definition of www. You might notice that it is actually an abbreviation. The terms of www stands for World Wide Web. This particular term is often used in internet and computer. It is often associated with address to particular website. When you visit particular website, you will need to use it to access the website.

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Understanding the Definition of WWW

The definition of www in computer terms is also related to information space where you can gain access to particular website. As mentioned before, any website created is connected to internet by using unique address. The history of World Wide Web can be traced back up to the year of 1989. Back then, the scientists of CERN laboratory wrote specific computer program. It is counted as the first web browser. This computer program is finally released at 1991.

These days are considered as information age. In this age, information spread quickly. Due to the fast and efficient spreading of information, most people forget the definition of www. The websites that formerly can only be accessed by military are now available for public access. Public are also allowed to create website page as well. The website created by them is made by exclusive text documents format. This format is well known as Hypertext Markup Language.

After the definition of www in computer terms is almost forgotten, people focus on the development of this HTML formatting. Website that once was only consisting of text is developing into other resourceful contents such as audio, video, and graphics. Several pages are created under integrated and elaborate websites to accommodate more information and contents. Those contents are rendered and previewed from website browser.

The development of website does not stop at this point. A single website can be connected to other websites. This connection is established by using hyperlinks. Website linked with other websites allows people to access information faster. In order to access particular information from a website, user can access the website using specific address. Due to this navigation system, people start to learn about the definition of www again.

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In order to regulate the information mentioned in website, a specific regulation is applied. The website is categorized based on the purpose it is created in the first place. The main categorization is military website. Unlike any other website, public cannot access it freely. Other than the military website, you can also find commercial, government, entertainment, and many other types of website. The purpose of particular website is often mentioned in the address. That is the importance of learning about the definition of www in computer terms.

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As you can see from the explanation above, the development of World Wide Web is growing exponentially. People who forget the definition of www begin to learn more about it. This is necessary in order to figure out the classification of website regulation. Deep understanding about it also required to access specific website as well.


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